Wharf Cat WCR 098

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The first thing that strikes you about "Stray", Bambara's fourth, possibly greatest, album to date, is its pulverising soundscape. By turns, vast, atmospheric, cool, broiling and, at times , on stand out tracks like "Sing Me To The Street" and "Serafina", simply overwhelming.

It’s a record that avoids simple characterisation but one thing that is certain about it is that it represents another monumental leap forward for the band. Sometimes groups need time to grow. Here Bambara finally sound like they’ve locked into what they were always destined to achieve. It’s electrifying!

Bambara is a post-punk band from Brooklyn, New York. The band consists of Reid Bateh (vocals, guitar), Blaze Bateh (drums, vocals), and William Brookshire (bass, vocals).

Heat Lightning
Sing Me to the Street
Death Croons
Stay Cruel
Ben & Lily
Made for Me

Wharf Cat Records
14 Feb 2020
WCR 098

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