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The Orielles
Disco Volador

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Limited edition, transparent orange vinyl with green blob. Built from instrumentals around the concept of “boogie to space, space to boogie,” Disco Volador’s energy comes from the melodic fission of tension and release. At times haunting and unsettling, it has a film-like structure that flows from fact to fiction.

Lynchian outros capture the album’s thematic dread as they spiral into infinity and pave the way for potential loops, imitating the fades between the songs of the band’s summer DJ sets. Brian Eno-inspired dreams about a rocket-fuelled mission may or may not have inspired ‘Rapid’ or ‘Come Down On Jupiter’ after ideas sunk deeper into their subconscious. 

Whilst the future of the world and its current cosmic wasteland might be up in the air, The Orielles’ new album has its feet beating out a much-needed four to the dancefloor. Welcome to Disco Volador; time really does fly when you’re having this much fun.

Come Down On Jupiter
Memoirs Of Miso
Bobbi's Second World
Whilst The Flowers Look
The Square Eyed Pack
7th Dynamic Goo
A Material Mistake
Euro Borealis
Space Samba (Disco Volador Theme)

28 Feb 2020

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