Prince & The Npg<Br>One Nite Alone The Aftershow

Prince & The Npg
One Nite Alone The Aftershow

Double purple vinyl

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After show performances taking the songs out of their existing frameworks to bring new versions to get locked into dancing to. With the band taking equal stage this is Prince and The NPG as you don't normally get to hear them. The funkier elements are played on and brought to dominance through extended jams. Tight and live as it happened, the music on here is captured on purple vinyl. 

Joy in Repetition
We Do This (Feat. George Clinton)
Medley: Just Friends (Sunny)/If You Want Me to Stay (With Musiq)
2 Nigs United 4 West Compton
Alphabet Street
Peach (Xtended Jam)
Dorothy Parker
Girls & Boys
Everlasting Now (Vamp)

Sony Music CMG

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