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The long awaited third album from much loved vintage synth maestros Billy Bainbridge and Mike Johnston. Released to critical praise and four star reviews, it is unironically joyful and melodic electronica; informed by their study of sounds from diverse sources, from library music to public information films, and their deep passion for the history of music technology.

The group formed in late 1994 when Mark Cancellara and Mike Johnston started to buy old analogue keyboards and effects and began to rehearse making huge soundscapes. Johnston was living with Billy Bainbridge who bought himself a keyboard and joined the band.

An album For Beginner Piano was released in September 1999 to widespread critical acclaim. Their second album has never been officially released but has appeared on torrent and other file sharing sites on the internet. Plone is compiled from material recorded at various points since the “lost second album”, right up to the present day.

Miniature Magic
Watson's Telescope
Build A Small Fire
Red Kite
Day Trip
Just A Shadow
Sunvale Run
The Model Village
Chalk Stream
Sweet Factory

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CAK 142

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