Luke Schneider<br>Altar of Harmony

Luke Schneider
Altar of Harmony

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8 tracks of Hard Ambient Psych all created using a 1967 Emmons Push/Pull Pedal Steel guitar. This recording represents a radical new approach to the versatile and cosmic instrument of the steel guitar. Alter Of Harmony is extraordinarily cinematic, an epic musical devotional to higher realms— booming music of the spheres.

This is the sound of Valhalla, of heaven, planetary alignment, of total eclipse. This is the sound of an angelic army roaring into battle. This is heavy metal thunder of the future we were promised. Music for the end of the world. (Douglas McGowan-Yoga Records)

“Luke’s dedication to traditional technique and restless desire for the cosmic pastoral unknown make him a rare new voice in the world of vital instrumental music.” (William Tyler)

Lex Universum
Mundi Tuum Est
Invicta Affectio

Third Man Records LLC
19 Jun 2020

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